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Modern servers can be surprisingly affordable, and can be the difference between technological chaos, and a streamlined operation. From 5 users to 150 users or more, Solve IT Solutions can help you choose the right server for your business, your needs, and your growth. Thinking about a first server?
Do you face these problems on a daily basis?

  • Lack of data coordination and centralization?
  • Always looking for where a file is stored, or the correct version of a file?
  • Would functions screech to a halt if a computer crashed, got a virus, or was stolen?
  • Lack of control over users, passwords, and general hardware management?
  • Are your emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks in several different locations that are not updated in real time when you’re away from the office

We’ll get to know your business, and help you choose the right server at the right price. Call Solve IT Solutions today for a free consultation on your server needs!

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