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Disaster Recovery

Solve IT Solutions Disaster Recovery Team

Disaster RecoveryIt’s an unfortunate reality that at any time a disaster such as a flood, fire, explosion, hurricane, tornado or serious human error can occur. Solve IT Solutions disaster recovery services start with the simple ability to retrieve data from a hard drive to the most complex solutions of backing up your entire server in an onsite or offsite solution. Solve IT Solutions can also help you to devise a professional, proper and effective disaster recovery plan. This can help you to have a greater piece of mind and save you money on your insurance. In some cases, insurance companies and financial institutions are now even requiring this to be in place before they will service your business needs. A well planned disaster recovery plan can:

  • Save your company money in the event of a disaster.
  • Gives you confidence that your business can continue after a natural disaster, fire, flood or catastrophe.
  • Enable you and your business to get back up and running quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide backups of information & documents at a secure location.

Some of the disaster recovery services we offer are:

  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Failed hard drive data retrieval
  • Server replication and synchronization for failover