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Solve IT Network Solutions Networking Team

networkSolve IT Solutions starts off your new network planning by sitting down and listening to you and your needs. From there a certified Network Engineer drafts up blueprints to create the most optimized network solution customized for your business and your business needs. Solve IT Solutions specializes in the following mainline technologies:

  • Local Area Networks (LAN) – Solve IT Solutions has configured, setup and tested full networked LAN architectures for many businesses from mom and pop companies all the way to enterprise networking solutions. This is the most important of all networks because it is your internal infrastructure and is the back-bone for all of the other types of integrated networks that we set up. Let our highly skilled trained staff talk to you about how we can setup a network for your business and tell you to a whole new level of networked computing. The most important thing about setting up your LAN network is proper planning and making sure that it is all done correctly the first time. This will enable you and your business to grow over the years and to not worry about being able to implement the newer technologies to your network.
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN) – Solve IT Solutions specializes in Wide Area Networks to connect your branch offices to your main location. We have setup many WAN’s in conjunction with the local Internet Service Providers of our clients. We also will assist you with finding and setting up a local Internet Service Provider in your area. We are seasoned veterans at helping our clients to achieve whatever goal they are trying to achieve.
  • Wireless Technology – Sometimes you need broadband speeds but are in an area that is too pricey to have the local Cable or DSL providers run their connections to your buildings. In a lot of cases we are then able to use Microwave technology or other wireless solutions to help accomplish your goal. Have Solve IT Solutions come to your business today for a free evaluation to see what type of solution we can provide for you.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) – More and more businesses are now able to branch out and open additional locations with the explosion of Virtual Private Networks. Virtual Private Networks let you connect two networks separated over great distances as one with minimal amounts of hardware and service setup costs. Virtual Private Network connections can in essence enable you to use your same database across many locations.