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networksecuritySolve IT Solutions Security & Infrastructures Team

Solve IT Solutions has been fortunate to employee a group of highly trained individuals in the security side of our operations. A good network starts with the ability to safely secure your networks, the equipment and all of your resources and data. At Solve IT Solutions, we use a vast number of security products, hardware & software, to help achieve your need for security. Here are some examples of the types of security solutions that we use at Solve IT Solutions.

  • Firewalls – Solve IT Solutions uses and recommends Cisco, Watchguard and Sonicwall Firewall solutions based on your operations and your needs. No two companies are alike and we do not treat you like you are. We will utilize the best firewall device for your exact needs to accomplish your operational goals.
  • Antivirus Software – Solve IT Solutions is partnered with Symantec Business & Enterprise Solutions. We have found the award winning Symantec solutions to be the most stable as well as most complete security solution to protect your network. We use this suite on all workstations and servers.
  • Email Spam Filtering – Solve IT Solutions has chosen the MX Logic suite of security applications to assist with the security of your online and web needs. This software suite puts you back in control and gives you the ability to decide what web sites are visited in your organization and what types of email are received.
  • Network Operating Systems – Solve IT Solutions is a certified Microsoft Partner. To accomplish your security goals we proudly install and configure Genuine Microsoft Windows Server 2008, R2 and Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 to achieve the highest level of reliability and security that an operating system can deliver.