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Remote Backup

Solve IT Remote Backup Solutions


How would your company run if you suddenly lost all of your crucial data? By using our remote back up you can rest easy knowing that an up-to-date back up of your data is being stored offsite and securely. Best of all you don’t have worry about changing or storing tapes.
Solve IT Solutions Remote Backup Solution or Cloud Backup Solution
backs up your data from a primary location to external storage facility as part of a disaster recovery plan. This data is held in that location until which time it is needed due to a system failure, hard drive crash, fire or loss of data. At that time, the data can then be restored by using minimal effort. Solve IT uses a NIST compliant backup procedure which is part of some the highest standards of offsite backup solutions regulations.

Solve IT Solutions Remote Backup Solution are:

  • Scheduled to be convenient with your work schedule.
  • Allows you to have access to your files from anywhere and everywhere and at anytime
  • Stored at an offsite secure facility in an encrypted format and stored on hard drives in a RAID configuration which is optimal for data redundancy.
  • Enterprise class antivirus solution installed on the onsite server to eliminate the possibility of backing up a possible virus.
  • Software based application
  • Not charged based on per computer backup as we charge you based on the amount of storage space that is needed.

The remote backup solutions we employee can create backups of:

  • files, folders, emails, programs & program settings, Widows Registry, Website
  • Find all office documents Word, Excel, etc. using backup file filtering
  • Exclude temporal, system and other files, using file filtering

Easy Data Restore

  • Selective restoration of individual task items
  • Restore to any location (enables drive cloning)

Management and Control Functions

  • Runs as Windows service
  • Managing open files
  • Email notifications for failures or successful completion
  • Backup with timestamps
  • Allows other program to run before/after running the tasks
  • Allows the ability for tasks to run on log on/log off
  • Repeated backup of missed tasks
  • Turn off computer after backup if needed

Data Synchronization

  • One and two direction synchronization

Additional options

  • Multi-threaded transfer engine
  • Import/Export of all settings
  • Backup activities in a log file