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Remote Management & Monitoring

Solve IT Solutions – “Solved” Remote Managed Services Program

Solve IT Solutions “Solved” Remote Managed Services program allows you to do what you do best….your job. It is inevitable that you will need Information Technology support and upkeep in these day and times as technology gets more and more complicated each day. We implemented the Managed Services program so that you can have maintenance performed on your workstations and servers on off-peak hour times. Let us keep your systems up to date, up to speed and well managed by performing the maintenance and needed updates from remote without ever disturbing your workers. Here the main features and benefits of our Solved Remote Managed Services program:

All updates for all workstations and servers are covered and performed weekly to monthly as needed at no additional charge.

  • Includes all software updates for Microsoft, all driver updates, most software support packages such as Adobe and Java.
  • Includes disc scans and defrags
  • Includes all preventative maintenance done on off hours as to not interfere with your production.
  • If there is a major security publication released by Microsoft, we do this immediately and rollout to all affected workstations and/or servers.

We monitor your antivirus solutions from the server and workstations

We monitor your network, all of the workstations and server health status 24/7 and are notified of many types of error and discrepancies

  • If an employee installs anything what so ever or tries to install an application or program, we are alerted – we can contact the end user at that time or have you contact them which ever you prefer
  • If there is an imminent hardware failure occurring or starting to occur, we are notified – we will contact you to report this immediately and schedule a support call before you ever even knew that there was a problem
  • If there is an internet outage, we are notified within minutes – we will even contact your internet service provider for you to verify and see if the issue can be fixed immediately or if more work is needed on your end for a repair. If a repair is needed we can even dispatch a technician to have the issue fixed as soon as possible.

Your problems simply “Solved”

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