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Web & Email Services

Solve IT Solutions Web & Email Services

Solve IT Solutions is a one stop location for all your web and email needs. We offer some of the highest quality levels of web hosting services. It doesn’t stop there. Solve IT Solutions is all about relationships and service. Have an idea but do not know where to even start? Talk to a Solve IT Solutions Web consultant today and see how we can help you get started. Read below to see a summary of Web and email services that we provided and then click on the links to find out more about these services.

Website Hosting

Solve IT Solutions offers world-class website hosting at modest and honest pricing. We have the ability to host your site whether you’re a 1 person operation or a 1000 operation. We offer POP3 email accounts for those of you that do not have a server as well as website access. We offer DNS hosting as well and is included with all of our hosting accounts. Need to register your domain name? No problem let Solve IT handle this for you as well. We take care of you and your online presence from start to finish. Read More.

Email Spam Protection

If you are tired of getting all of that unwanted, unsolicited junk email and are ready for it all to just go away, Solve IT Solutions Email Spam services is definitely what you are looking for. We can cut out over 95% of all unwanted email. Our solution “learns” from what you would like to have and what you would like to see go away permanently for you and your entire organization. The service comes complete with it’s own control panel for you to log in and manage yourself. Not sure what to do?? We can also manage this service for you and take the whole worry off of your plate.
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Email Archiving and Backup Solution

Email is so important today that even the loss of one email could mean a huge loss of revenue for you organization. It could be the difference between staying small or growing into a large organization. With our email archiving and backup solution you will never lose a single email. Every email that is received is backed up before you get the email. That way if you accidently delete the email we can retrieve it for you or using your control panel, you can even easily do this yourself. You can choose to back up your email even up to 30 years. This is perfect for but not limited to law enforcement, lawyers and medical establishments. If you have a server, this solution is perfect for you in the event that your server goes down or internet connection is interrupted to your business. Our backup solution starts immediately after it detects a loss to your server and start the backup process. Once your server comes back online again, the system starts delivering email to your inbox…Now that’s service!!
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Email Encryption

When it’s imperative that your email arrives at its destination securely, you can be rest assured while using Solve IT Solutions Encryption Services that it will be so. Our Encryption application that we use, uses the highest forms of encryption to send your emails quickly and un-compromised.
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