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Website Hosting

Solve IT Solutions Website Hosting

website-hostingSolve IT Solutions, LLC offers world class web hosting services at very affordable prices. With our web hosting plans and our talented highly trained staff, it has never been easier to setup and start your own website or online business. We offer three distinct types of Cloud web hosting, Dedicated, Virtually Dedicated and Shared Virtual. We offer these servers on two operating system platforms: Linux (CentOS) and Windows (Server 2008).

  • Shared Cloud Virtual Hosted plans are easy to set up and simple to maintain. They are the most affordable plans and are made available with the startup entrepreneur, small business owner, mom & pop company or personal website creators in mind. With access to more than 500 tools and services including WordPress, Joomla, OSCommerce and more, you’ll have everything you need to create your website, start your blog or start your own new online store. This hosting service comes with its own control panel and uses a shared IP address with other web entities.
  • Virtually Dedicated Hosting plans are just as easy to setup however are a bit more robust and are more geared towards established businesses with a fair amount of web traffic already established. This server is used by individuals that require more computing power & Privacy. This plan comes complete with your own static IP address (Plan includes up to 2 without additional charge). This choice enables you to have the power, security and control of professional web hosting at your fingertips. Every Virtually Dedicated Hosted plan comes with its control panel that puts you in charge of your own web server. And of course, if you do not want to manage the server, we can also manage this for you.
  • Dedicated Server Plans are geared more towards medium, large and enterprise size business that need raw pure hosting computing power and are looking to host applications and databases on their own dedicated server. This plan enables the client to log into the server directly using SSH for Linux or RDP for Windows based servers or to log in using our simple to use control panel. You are able to fully control all aspects of your server or allow us to setup and maintain for you.